The coolest fabrics for the summer

The coolest fabrics for the summer

At OLTEX Trading we are specialists in any type of fabric. We manufacture top quality garments with any type of fabric and with various characteristics. Today we are going to talk about the coolest fabrics for the summer season. And, although summer is the hottest time of year, we should not lose style.

There are numerous garments that allow us to maintain our own style, but made of more refreshing and breathable fabrics that help to avoid excessive heat. Cotton, linen or silk are some of the most suitable fabrics to combat heat

The coolest fabrics for the summer

Perfect for the hottest days, it is the most used fiber. Being porous, it allows you to absorb perspiration and release it quickly. Whether t-shirts or dresses, they will transmit you comfort and freshness.

Breathable, lightweight and durable this fabric sets trends. Although it wrinkles more than other fabrics, linen gives a very chic touch for evening looks.

Without a doubt, the quintessential fabric for summer night looks. It is a very light fiber and ideal to combat high temperatures. Its natural shine provides spectacular elegance.

Although cotton, linen and silk are the fabrics par excellence, we can also find chambray. This less common fabric pretends to be denim, but it really is cotton. A perfect option to avoid giving up denim garments in summer.

On the other hand, if you also enjoy sports in summer, synthetic fibers will be your great ally. In this time of high temperatures you have to choose the most suitable garments that favor body breathability.

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