Spring-summer 2020 trends in men´s clothes

Spring-summer 2020 trends in men´s clothes

As you know, in Oltext Trading we are looking forward to exceeding your desired expectations. This time, we bring you a list of what the male trends will be for spring-summer 2020.

Spring-Summer 2020 Trends

There are also many male trends for the spring and summer season in this year 2020. So in Oltex we want you to know what they are to help you think about your desired garment or your final product. Even so, with our two-way communication we will be with you from the first moment to listen to your wishes and to give you everything you ask for.

No matter what the fads are, this is just a contribution of ideas in case you still don’t have a product in mind. These are some of the spring-summer 2020 male trends.

Key shades in men’s fashion spring-summer 2020

There are different shades that are inspiring in men’s clothing. These are nuances that transmit different sensations that give a new air to men’s fashion.

Pink shades

Pink shades take a genderless approach and will be central to men’s wear this season. For this new season, pink tones are combined with grey and brown tones, adding depth to men’s clothing.

Sea shades

The blue/green tones are mixed in the formal and casual clothing with discreet and daring materials that provide magnitude and depth in the different clothes of the masculine fashion.

Neutral tones

Neutral shades like mushroom brown achieve a natural effect when mixed with technological fabrics, bringing a new perspective to men’s clothes. This type of tone highlights the personality of men’s fashion.

On the other hand, there are different looks that are going to be a hit in men’s fashion this spring-summer 2020 season.

Trends in men’s looks spring-summer 2020

White Outfits

White garments and outfits will gain prominence in men’s fashion this season. They bring elegance and at the same time with the most vivid color mix, they offer a more casual and comfortable look.

Elegant outfits

It follows the trend of suits brought in since the 90s. From straight, baggy pants to tighter, slimmer suit pants. Also combining them with wide sweaters and shirts made of natural fibers. Linen shirts aim to be one of the top garments for this type of male look.

Informal Outfits

The beach and surfing style continues with the use of the shirts printed with icons that symbolize good weather. In addition, the use of shorts is repeated from the most basic to the most striking and summery.


With regard to the use of jeans, they turn the pants straight in different shades, from white to darker through the gray. The shorts are also available in brighter and more intense colours, as well as in softer and more discreet colours.

This is just a help that we at Oltex Trading want to give you. A help for you to decide and to experiment until you find your ideal and most desired garment. These are the trends, but it doesn’t matter, at Oltext we listen to you from the first minute and we are willing to do anything to achieve your greatest satisfaction and that your product is as you expected.

Hurry up, summer’s coming!

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