OLTEX Trading: Types of Fabrics

OLTEX Trading: Types of Fabrics

In OLTEX Trading we work with numerous types of fabrics, plain or printed, gloss or matte. We talk here about some of these types:

Types of Fabrics

Cotton: This fabric are made with natural material. They are soft, versatile and lightweight. This fabric is used in clothing and household items.

Chiffon: This fabric is used in dresses, frills and veils. It is a very thin fabric, practically transparent.

Acrylic: This artificial material is used to make clothing with a wool-like touch. It is a soft touch fabric with very sharp colors.

Nylon: This synthetic fiber is widely used because of its great strength and elasticity. It is used in garments such as shirts, socks, underwear.

Rayon: This fabric is made from cellulose. It is quite resistant and widely used in garments such as dresses, jackets and sportswear.

Tweed: Fabric created from wool, of great strength and voluminous, used for winter clothes such as jackets or skirts.

Flannel: Soft satin fabric. This fabric is widely used for the manufacture of jackets, skirts or dresses.

OLTEX Trading

The most important thing for us is our customer satisfaction, which is why we consider bi-directional communication essential. Our team is open to everything the buyer proposes and undertakes to advise during the manufacturing process, always offering high quality finishes of the garments, different textures in prints and embroidery, among endless possibilities.

We guarantee every detail will be studied thoroughly, making a difference in the final product.

We work with manufacturers that use the higher quality materials in the market. All our fabrics are treated with special treatments and finishes, guaranteeing the maximum quality and durability of the garments.

Remember, this is a great decision for your business, so having great professionals like us, who adapt to your business needs, will avoid major setbacks in the future.

If you have any questions about OLTEX or any specific manufacturing process, do not hesitate to contact us.

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