OLTEX Trading, beads experts

OLTEX Trading, beads experts

In OLTEX Trading we are experts in the sale of beads for jewelry of numerous models.

Types of beads

In this post we talk about the types of beads available for jewelry making.

  • Rockery: These beads, called rockeries or seed grains, are of a very small size, usually made round and made of glass or plastic.
  • Mostacillas: this trinket is characterized by the elongated and thin form. They are usually made in a crooked or straight way, in plastic, glass or metal materials.
  • Pony: these beads are very similar to rockery, however, their size is larger, being more bulky. They are usually made, like the rockery, made of plastic or glass, adding in this case the wood as a manufacturing material.

Available materials

Among the materials with which we can make these beads are:

  • Glass: glass is a moldable and hard material, capable of being dyed and manufactured in numerous colors.
  • Murano: Murano is a type of glass made by melting narrow bars of this material with a torch. Numerous layers of glass are used to achieve the desired appearance.
  • Wood: the natural touch of these beads and their spots make them very attractive. They are usually varnished and carved with irregular, smooth, round or square shapes.
  • Metal: Easy to produce, they are the most used. They can be manufactured in numerous colors and shapes thanks to the versatility of the metal.
  • Pearls: This natural material is sometimes used for a premium look.
  • Gems: of higher prices, they give a very special aspect to the jewels made with them.
  • Shells: made with natural shells, these beads are widely used in bracelets.

If you are interested in requesting a budget from OLTEX Trading on your pieces of fittings, you just have to contact us through our contact form or through +34679152040.

We will answer all your questions about your order and we will make a customized budget with which we are sure that you will be more than satisfied.

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