Ideas to create BRAND

Ideas to create BRAND

Are you thinking about creating your own BRAND? And we write that in capital letter because we know that’s a big step ahead. But don’t be afraid, you only need common sense, good taste and avoiding excesses.

We give you a few suggestions:

1.  Study the market. And spend A LOT OF TIME doing this. Check who’s going to be your objective market and who your competitors are going to be. Find out and absorb all the informatio you can. Thanks to the Internet, you can access this for free. And don’t worry if you can’t retain so much information.

2. If you’re not a designer, but you’ve got some ideas, we’ll help and advise you. We catch your ideas and materialize them.

3. Focus on “branding”. The life of a brand is based on the loyalty of its customers. Having a good design isn’t everything, linking the brand to a style it’s also crucial.

4. Many starting brands launch only a couple of designs to start, usually to limit the risk. Put yourself in the place of your customers and you’ll soon realize that this is too little, it doesn’t generate enthusiasm or trust. With the new techniques and our help, you can come up with many designs with minimal investment.

5. Reinvest. Both in designs and stocks. The time will come to collect, for the moment you have to sow.

6. Have a lot of patience. Consolidating a brand requires it, and in huge amounts. Focus on other projects while that happens if you can.

7. Develop a marketing plan. Don’t think that just having good designs customers will look for you. It’s just the opposite: it’s you who have to put the means to reach the consumer. Put your brand in front of their noses once after another, and be patient. Another important thing: talk, talk and talk about it in all the places you can: forums, blogs, networks… By doing that, you’ll contribute to arouse interest in your brand.

8. Don’t be obsessed with making money. It’s the final goal, nobody discusses it, but it’s not the medium. Focus on promoting the brand, on doing your homework well.

9. Try to enjoy the most with your work. For that, you must be able to identify yourself with your brand, but it’ll be very difficult to make it credible. And it’ll be difficult for you to play the role that corresponds to you. It must be something you would wear, and with pride.

10. Don’t get overwhelmed. For example, if you can’t include in the initial collection some printed braces that you like … if you don’t arrive in time to launch a custom packaging … well, DON’T do it! 2 good reasons? If you want to compete with the work capacity of large companies, you will break for sure. In addition, you must reserve and dose yourself: when building a brand, constancy is better than abundance.

11. The hardest part of creating a clothing line is to achieve recognition of the largest clothing companies, if you want to get this way of sale. Buyers only think of finding things that sell well. Therefore, do not forget that those who have the last word on whether your products should reach stores are the actual buyers.

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