Customizing your headdresses is easy with OLTEX Trading

Customizing your headdresses is easy with OLTEX Trading

At OLTEX Trading we specialize in the sale of goods to large companies. We work with a wide variety of quality materials adapted to the needs of our customers. We have the best accessories for your garments. Also, customizing your headgear is easy with OLTEX Trading.

We offer you the best service

Our OLTEX Trading team is always ready to offer you the best version. Therefore, we have for you a wide variety of supplies with the best accessories for your garments.

Numerous beads made of different materials such as steel or ABS plastic await you. Also, with our two-way form of communication, we’re not gonna leave you alone for a second. We will be there looking for all the recommendations and ideas about your accessories in your head. The idea is that you have a personalized attention to listen to you throughout the process and adapt us to your needs so that your pieces are exactly what you want and need.

In addition, we have elements for the design of necklaces in numerous finishes and colors, earrings, accessories for wristbands and numerous personalized accessories.

As well as, OLTEX Trading also offers personalized headgear. The idea is to be the most radiant guest of your event and enjoy the exclusive headdress for you.

Headdress ideas to customize your accessories

Customizing your headgear is a fairly easy task with OLTEX Trading. Thanks to our high quality standards we are able to adapt your needs so that your headdress shines and you feel completely satisfied with your final product.

From OLTEX Trading we bring you some of the trends in hits for this spring-summer season 2020.

Printed turban

A simple yet elegant headdress. The headdress turban style offers freshness and elegance as well as comfort and joy. The turban headdress can be accompanied by prints of brighter colors, more cheerful or grayer shades.


Pamelas is a choice that never fails. You can add any kind of accessory from loops to different beads. On a sunny day, the pamelas help protect you from the sun and highlight your elegance with the numerous finishes and colors that you can add from OLTEX.


The headdresses with flowers sweep in this spring-summer season 2020. Flowers are the perfect ornament not only for your headdresses, but also for your clothes, shoes and accessories. You can choose the colors that best combine with the rest of our look, the flower bigger or smaller. Also decide whether we want a single flower or several.

Dare and meet us!

At OLTEX Trading, besides offering you fully customized and exclusive parts and headpieces, we also offer you very competitive prices in the market.

You can ask OLTEX Trading for a quote on your custom parts and headpieces. You can do this by contacting us via our contact form or via +34679152040.

We will be happy to work with you and give you the attention you deserve. We will ensure that your final product meets the requirements and needs you expected.

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