Business Plan for your Fashion Store

Business Plan for your Fashion Store

In this society, In this society dominated by the image, the choice of clothing is part of our business card. Dressing is communicating and transmitting sensations.

Seven out of ten people identify the term ‘go shopping’ with purchasing clothes. Specifically fashion garments are preferred by consumers.

Even though the current market is overloadded, clothes are sold, and they sell well. Fashion in Spain is a potential industry and the fashion trade is very consolidated. Many people in our country start a business related to clothing every year.


Nowadays, the fashion sector is being monopolized by the larger companies, and that’s a fact. There’s a wide and diverse offer of new garmets, even weekly, at very competitive prices.

These large companies have a great presence in shopping centers, in central streets and with many advertising investments. This can discourage new businesses.


Location is a very important factor for success in a fashion store. Taking into account criteria such as proximity and easy access to the public, having good visibility, easy access, if there’s a lot or little traffic in the place where we are, etc … Furniture, accessories, decoration, lighting and shop windows are also crucial elements.


A crucial aspect for success is knowing how to buy and getting the best combination of price, margins, quality and quantity. One of the classic mistakes in the beginning of our business is to buy in excess. Be careful with this, although you don’t have to fall at the other end either. You have to buy and replenish depending on the demand.

Choose your suppliers well. With OLTEX you will have no problem, since for us our customers are unique and that is why we consider bi-directional communication always crucial to avoid misunderstandings.

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